How to Manifest Yourself Thin

How to Manifest Yourself Thin

Everyone knows that food and exercise play a huge part when it comes to losing weight — but many are totally unaware that it’s mainly a mental game.

If your subconscious wants you fat, you’re staying fat no matter how many diets or exercise programs you try.

The secret to manifesting weight loss is to get to the point where you feel as if you’ve already lost the weight — and this means loving your body exactly the way it is right now.

That might be a super hard task for you at the moment, and you might even be afraid to let yourself love your body for fear of gaining weight because you “let your guard down.” I promise you this won’t happen!

Here are 5 steps toward learning to love your body before you even think about changing your diet or exercise routine:

1) What You Resist Persists 

Hate your fat? Hating it won’t make it go away.
Trying to shame yourself into changing your body is not going to work in the long run. Studies have shown that the better your body image is the easier it will be for you to lose weight.
Make the decision right now that you are going to stop hating on your body, and start loving it and caring for it. This is what will get you results long term.

Your body is not your enemy. Make it your ally.

2) Make A List Of Things You Already Love About Your Body

You may hate your body right now. I’m not asking you to love it 100% straight away. All I’m asking is that you look for one thing that you could love.
It could be a beautifully shaped finger nail. It could be the colour of your eyes. It could be a single lock of your hair. It could be the colour of your skin, or the shape of your lips. Whatever it is, write it down.
Now repeat the process. Aim for 5 things that you can really admire about your body as it is right now.

3) Turn Negative Self Talk into Positive Self Talk

Every time you catch yourself saying something about your body that you wouldn’t say about your best friend’s body, stop yourself.
Women tend to think it’s okay to go around saying, “I’m so fat.” Or, “I ate like a pig last night!” Or, “I can’t believe I’ve put on more weight.”
Let’s get this straight. It’s not okay. If you wouldn’t say it to someone else, don’t say it to yourself. Low self-esteem doesn’t look good on anyone.

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4) Truly Accept Compliments 

When someone tells you that you look beautiful, or compliments an outfit, or some work that you’ve done, say thank you, smile, and accept that what that person just said is true — even if only for them, in that moment.

There’s no need to throw a compliment straight back at them. Accept the gift they want to give you, and know that you are worthy of it.

5) Make Yourself Your Number One Priority

This is the ‘put your own oxygen mask on first’ philosophy. Many women struggle with looking after their bodies the way they want to because they are constantly making other people a priority in their lives.
Your boss wants you to do something so you work through the lunch break and then grab a candy bar to keep you going. Your husband wants to get Chinese every Friday and you always end up giving in. Your kids keep you so busy that you’re waiting until they turn 18 before even thinking about getting a gym membership.

The truth is that the happier you are, and the better you feel, the better you will be able to serve your loved ones and the world.

You’re not helping anyone by neglecting yourself.

When you start putting your own health and happiness at the top of your priority list, you’ll find weight loss starts to happen all by itself.

Once you’ve taken the 5 steps above to get your mindset in the right place, you’re ready to start looking at making small lifestyle changes that can yield big results for your waistline.

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