6 Ways to Make an Extra $1000 For That Summer Vacation This Month!

6 Ways To Make An Extra $1000Or extra money for those baby supplies (ahem, ahem).

Listen, we could all use an extra grand or so in our bank accounts at any time, not just for vacation plans. While it may take a little more elbow grease on your part, making a little more money in your business is really about mindset.

Start to believe that you will see more money flowing your way, and you’ll discover ways to make it happen.

Among my personal favorite tried-and-true ways to make more money are:

1. Write an ebook and promote on your personal and business Facebook pages, Twitter and newsletter.

This isn’t as hard as it sounds. You can create a very simple ebook in a PDF format that helps relieve your customers of a problem. It can range from 10 pages to 250, depending on how thorough you want to get. For smaller ebooks, you can charge a lot less (from $5-15) and you’ll probably get a few moe people buying them for that price.

2. Hold a group workshop. 

Offer what you would to a single client and open it up to a small group. Charge each person a third of the cost that you would for a single client. This is such a great way to earn extra income because (1) you won’t really have to do any extra work since you’ve already created the service, (2) you’ll be able to give a taster of your services to those who are nervous about investing the whole private service cost.

3. Pick a service and promote the heck out of that one service or product for the month.

Add a little something extra to make it extra enticing, but stay away from discounting it. I’ve personally found that discounting my services or products makes people value them less and people tend to wait for future sales to buy the products instead of buying them at full price. Instead, offer them an extra product/service, such as a free coaching session, a joint-venture promotion, or free email coaching for a month.

4. Turn a popular blog post into a digital product, ebook or teleseminar/webinar.

If you’ve written several blogs already, go back and look at which ones garnered the most comments. Which ones have people really resonated with? Turn this post into a short class (even a group workshop), an ebook or a 1 to 3 part tele seminar or webinar series. Most blogs are way too long anyway, so you could definitely chop them up into several classes.

5. Create a limited edition.

For example, when New Year’s rolls around, you can create all sorts of goals, workout, and motivational classes and ebooks. I created my Dream Buildin’ coaching session based on the New Year and it just happened to stick around all year because I had a great reaction to it. Limited edition products and services are awesome because they can help you figure out what you should be working on based on the demand you get back from them.

6. Create a tailored product or service for a few, select former clients.

You’ve already worked with them, you know what they want or need, and if you can help them in any way, offer them a full VIP service treatment for a month. This may entail a little more elbow grease, but it’s so worth it for a couple reasons:

1. You hand select who you’ll work with, which means you’ll be working with cream-of-the-top clients

2. They already know and trust you

3. You will be adding more value to your brand because you’ll be going above and beyond to please these clients

4. You’ll discover new service offerings that you can give clients after they’ve gone through your core services

Tips to nail down that extra thou: Figure out what works for you. Experiment with a new tactic every other month, find the one that you most enjoy doing, and the one that that gets the best feedback from people. Don’t discount your products or services (sales). Instead, add a little sumptin’ sumptin’ to make that product extra scrumptious that month. You may need to work a little extra to create a promotions plan, class series or write a short ebook. Plan this out ahead of time by taking a look at your calendar and figuring out when you’ll be promoting this new product/service.

I would love to know what short-term products/services you’ve done to help boost your sales for that month. Please comment and share your ideas below!



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