Baby Business Moon Series: How to Take Care of Yourself as an  Entrepreneurial Mama!

Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurial Moms

Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurial Moms

As part of my Baby Business Moon series (where I’m taking off a few months to enjoy this time with the newest company mascot), I want to share my observations as an entrepreneurial mama-to-be. This is part one of my Entrepreneurial Mama Self-Care Tips:

Take advantage of your nesting spirit by organizing your office and business to-dos.

You’ll be an organizing and cleaning fiend during these the last few months so bring that energy to the office, darling! It just so happened that my last weeks of pregnancy were during tax season, so you can bet your Jimmy Choos that my financial house is in the best order it’s ever been. Not because I’m an accounting genius by any means, but because my brain immediately went into organize-mode.

If you are pregnant and work from home (and even if you aren’t pregnant), dress your best every day.

Make sure you look the part of a successful business maven because you’ll ACT the part (instinctively)! Trust when I say that your body will ache and you’ll feel pains in areas you NEVER knew about (hello, lightening crotch!), so you’ll want to wear yoga pants every day. Don’t. Find other ways to soothe your aching body (wear comfortable clothes of course) and drink your raspberry leaf tea, play soothing meditation music and burn a beautiful smelling candle at your desk.

Massages every week is a must.

I actually started them late in the pregnancy game (you know, because I was so busy and such). But they have helped my aches and most of all, anxiety, immensely! I can’t help but realize what a delicious thing to it is to get a massage at any time in life. Hint: Most insurances will pay for chiropractic massage once you’ve met your deductible. Do your research! After my deductible, my massages are about $20 (including tip). SO WORTH IT!

Remember everything I said about organizing during nesting? Everything in the house WILL be cleaned.

Including washing the carpet AND the cat. Make this easy on yourself and invest in quality products and services. If you can afford to, hire a gardener and cleaning help. I bought the Roomba Pet Series and while it was a hefty investment, she (I call her Romula after one of my favorite actresses, Romula Garai) became my new best friend after 2 minutes. Seriously. I have more tips coming soon (mostly about what NOT to do).Choose Happiness

Do you have any tips for me and other mamas-to-be? Or tips for me as a new entrepreneurial mommy during the first year? I’d love to hear them so please share below!

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