Baby Business Moon: MoreSelf-Care Tips for the Entrepreneurial Mama-to-Be, Part 2

The other week, I gave you some self care tips for Entrepreneurial Mamas-to-be. They pretty much apply to all entrepreneurs, whether you have kids or not. This week, I’ll focus on the real nitty gritty (because let me tell ya, you would THINK this stuff is obvious but you can’t imagine how many people cross the lines). Plus I’m feeling humorous and that in itself, my darlings, is a good tip to keep in mind: Whether pregnant or not, you must, must, must find the funny in everyday situations in order to manifest more happiness in your life (and to take the edge off of everyday business and pregnancy anxieties).Self-Care Tips for the Entrepreneurial Mama, Part 2

NEVER tell a mama to be that she’s huge. Or big.

Do as my husband does, and say, “You are carrying that baby well!” I know people mean well, but for goodness sake, is that something any woman wants to hear, preggers or not?

If you are the hubby, prepare to massage her feet every night, or she will end up getting a prenatal massage every other day.


Do not tell the pregnant lady to calm down if she’s upset about something.

Actually, now that I think about it, don’t tell me to calm down, ever. I have a temper, and it gets worse when you try to shush me. Could be my Type A, or it just could be that I’M HUMAN!

Do not stare.

Good grief. It seems to only be older men, and it is really, really creepy.

Take a Hypnobirthing class (aka the Mongan Method).

Hypnobirthing techniques apply to all areas of life—it teaches you how to self-soothe during stressful times—whether you’re in labor or on a sales pitch. It’s an amazing class and I encourage all parents-to-be to take it.

Hubby should not be on work travel during the most important Hypnobirthing class: Partner Massage.

If you are the hubby and you missed the partner massage class class due to work, expect to be given a more or less slightly exaggerated retelling of how and how often to massage your partner.

As the mama-to-be, you will want to buy every baby thing out there. Do it.

You can find some amazing deals on local mommy Facebook pages (including things for the house) and eBay. Keep in mind that mommy hood will be a whole new lifestyle for you, and if you plan on working from home while raising your child, you want things to be as smooth and easy as possible.

If your sister had a baby a year ago, she should expect about 25 texts a day asking her if you should get this product or that, and what her thoughts are on baby snot removal.

Most Important Tip: Find as many ways to feel and look beautiful. This is so important to your mental and of course, physical, health. Get new lingerie, do a weekly beauty routine, and get the damn diaper bag you want.

What do you have for me and other mamas-to-be? Please share your tips below!

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