Things That Make a Work-At-Home Entrepreneur’s Life Easier — Tech Edition

I respect entrepreneurial mamas like it’s no one’s business. Sometimes I can barely function with a neurotic cat and barmy chihuahua (I meant to write barky but my spellcheck automatically changed it to barmy, and that works too). Most successful entrepreneuresses I know are well-put together (meaning, don’t wear yoga pants all day), have clean homes (their beds are made) and their families eat home-cooked meals (not the ramen kind).

Things that Make Work-At -Home Life Sexier, Easier and More FunThis is not to say that these women are perfect or that they always have a home-cooked meal and run successful businesses from a clean home. But it’s my personal fantasy and since I’m an entrepreneurial mama myself, I’m looking for ways to live closer to that lifestyle. I believe that you can live the life that you want, as long as you know how to use the resources available to you.

Here are my top tech products for making my life just a little smoother as an entrepreneurial mama:

The Crockpot: I recently bought this baby over Christmas and didn’t realize the power of having one until I have put a raw chicken, few spices, and couple of potatoes in it in the morning and got the most delicious, scrumptious meal waiting for me at dinner. It’s like having your own personal chef at home.

The Roomba: I’ve always been skeptical of this very expensive vacuum cleaner. A friend of mine owned one of the first ones way back in the day and the thing didn’t seem to work right. Costco was selling the pet series the other day and I figured I’d try it (after hearing rav reviews from fellow shoppers) and return it if it didn’t work (Costco has an awesome return policy). Honestly, I am open to trying anything that can help clean up all the dang fur around my house (thanks to Neurotic Cat and Barmy Chihuahua). I feel like I’m vacuuming my house every morning and there’s a pile of fur balls by the end of the day. I can’t imagine trying to vacuum every day with a baby in my arms…or a toddler who wants to eat furballs. Well…let me tell ya! The Roomba (I lovingly call her Romula) became my new best friend after 5 minutes. Not only did her tank get full of dust and fur (after I had just vacuumed the day before), but she also picked up loads of pollen! I never even knew I had that much dust lying about. She now cleans the house quietly in the background as I relax….and fold the laundry.

The latest iPhone, iPad and Macbook Air: I’m an Apple fiend. The fact that everything syncs (including pictures, texts and web searches) is so lovely.

Youtube Gurus: I love watching videos while I’m getting ready in the morning. I’ll plop my iPad on my makeup table and listen to organizational, business and mama mavens tell me their best tips.

Rice Cooker: This is very basic, but just like the crockpot, it’s nice to have one less thing to worry about for dinner.

The Magic Bullet: I use this every morning for my daily smoothie and I plan on using it for homemade baby food.

Pandora One: This is the subscription-based, no-ad version of Pandora. I thought it was a waste of money when my husband first purchased it but have come to appreciate hearing classical or meditation music all day in the background with no jarring commercials interrupting my stream of thought.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner: I used to clean my stairs by lugging my gigantic vacuum cleaner hose over each step. With a handheld, you can clean stairs and other small spaces without breaking your back.

Amazon Prime: As it goes right now, getting to Target is a process. I work from home and talk to my clients via Skype all day, so I hate to rush to Target or Costco for something simple. I love the option of getting what I need (for oftentimes cheaper) within 2 days.

Skype: I conduct all my coaching calls via Skype from home. I love being able to see my clients’ lovely faces and even better, be able to coach anyone in the world (I currently have clients in the US, Australia, UK and France. How cool is that?) And it’s free! And I may or may not be wearing yoga pants as I speak with them.

What are your favorite technologies? Please share them below!

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