Have you ever noticed that doing laundry can make you feel incredibly accomplished? Like you’ve just completed some huge work assignment or run a few miles?

I mean, it’s something so mundane, yet we feel that we’ve accomplished a huge goal! Okay, maybe not you, but for me, it’s a definite cathartic experience!

When we put order to chaos, we’re giving ourselves permission to live in an elegant, lucid universe. We’re telling ourselves that we deserve to live in a healthy, organized environment. Yes, even clean and folded laundry can be a symbol of a greater state of mind and being!

Folded laundry is just one example of a healthy mindset. But what about clutter–not just the physical, but the mental and emotional kinds?

When you are “cluttered” by unhealthy thoughts, unhealthy friendships and too much physical stuff, it’s hard to feel irresistible–it’s near impossible! You feel weighed down, trapped, and caged. It becomes extremely difficult to follow-through on your goals, your dreams. Both physical and mental clutter lead to bodily clutter such as weight gain. Worse, they lead to spiritual clutter such as negative thoughts, anger, and sadness.

Part of living a happy, irresistibly balanced life is to remove clutter of all kinds–unhealthy friendships, negative thoughts and physical stuff.

I’m not saying you should become a monk or never buy a beautiful new pair of heels again! Pas du tout! What I am saying is that in today’s modern, fast-paced society, it is so essential for us to take a step back and away from the busyness and neediness of it all. You know what I mean: 10 tabs open on your computer screen, checking your email and Facebook more than 5 times a day, buying a year’s worth of toilet paper at the big chain store, having to throw away moldy food in your refrigerator because you forgot it was in there, etc.

French KISSing it: Keeps it Simple, Sweetheart!

The French don’t shop the way Americans do…you don’t see many stores such as Target or Walmart and everything is closed on Sunday (you better buy your milk on Saturday)! Grocery stores close at 9pm and bless you if you need a car mechanic during lunchtime. They shut it down. So you deal with it. If you don’t have milk, you make do without it. You don’t find racks filled with affordable dresses marked BOGO…it’s not in the culture to have more than what you need. So French people save their money and buy a few, select quality items that last them for years. Of course, I’m generally speaking, but for the most part, this simpler way of living is quite commonplace in France.

How To Unclutter:

1. Which is the most “cluttered” area in your life? Your environment, your friendships, your diet? Pick one right now as you’re reading this!

2. What are the people or things that don’t add beauty or pleasure to that area of your life?

3. If you didn’t have these people or things in your life, who would you be? How would you feel?

4. Decide if it’s worth keeping those people or things.

Your Turn:

I’d love to know which area of you’re life you’ll be uncluttering! Comment below and share this blog with your friends!

Tweet This: When we clean up our lives, we give ourselves permission to live in harmony.

P.S. Clutter, whether its mental, physical or emotional, is a huge issue for many of us. Stay tuned for more posts about how you can unclutter your life to make room for your goals!

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