How I Grew My Sales by Over $2000 in 1 Month with This Super Simple System

Sometimes I kick myself when I realize that for years I had been sitting on a pot of gold.

By adding this one super simple sales technique, I raised my income by $2000 a month last March.  How to Grow Your Sales Number

If part of your marketing plan involves free phone consultations, coaching sessions, or digital products, you absolutely need a system in place to gently remind potential clients about your amazing services.

What is it?

The simple follow-up, which I call the Fortune Follow-Up Formula ™.

Why? Because, my darling, the fortune is in the follow-up!

The Fortune Follow-Up Formula:

1. The next day after your free offering, follow-up with an email complete with notes about your free consultation and next steps to working with you.

Before continuing to Step 2, make sure this is the kind of person you honestly want to work with. Is she your ideal client? Is she someone you would enjoy spending time with, even if she weren’t your client? Someone you love to make love to (in the figurative sense)?

If not, then I wouldn’t bother pursing this relationship. Your business should be fun and exciting for you. The more fun and exciting, the more money will flow in. If you dread speaking with someone, it WILL come through in your interactions.

If you consider this person your ideal client, proceed to the following steps:

2. If you don’t hear back from them after a week, follow-up with another email. Make it as informal as possible.

Think about it this way…you are not trying to get a new client, you are helping make someone else’s life better. So be helpful! Send them a link to a useful video, book recommendation or website. You aren’t trying to shove your sales down their throats, you are sincerely finding ways to be of use to them.

The Fortune Follow-Up Formula is not about making a fortune for yourself, it’s also about adding to someone else’s spiritual or financial fortune. Treat potential ideal clients like gold! (This is incredibly useful to keep in mind if you consider sales just gross and scary).

3. If they tell you they can’t work with you for whatever reason, no problem!

Keep them in your tickler system and keep being of use to them over time. Send them a personal email every month or whatever feels right to you.

4. Continue keeping in touch with this person. You never know when the right moment will be for them to hire you. For example, I continued staying in touch with someone after giving them a free coaching session a year. After a year of sending little friendly notes and useful things, she asked right then and there to sign up for a coaching package from me. I never once tried to sell my coaching package to her after my initial follow-up email. She chose to work with me out of all the other coaches she had talked to because I was the only one who felt like a “friend” (her words).

5. If potential clients take your kindness for more free coaching, gently remind them about your services.

You can throw in a free golden nugget or two if you feel like it, but it’ not necessary. You aren’t a Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma’am kind of gal! Offer help on your terms, so make sure you create boundaries around your Fortune Follow-up.

Today, I try to consistently follow-up with my ideal potential clients. I try to be as helpful as possible without being too salesy. Basically, I treat all clients how I’d want to be treated (hello, golden rule)! A few months ago, I was reminded about my own Fortune Follow-up Formula during a sales class and proceeded to send all my follow-up contacts a quick personal note and reminder about my services. Three people immediately responded and bam….I ended up making $2000 more per month working with my ideal clients.

would LOVE to hear your follow-up tips! What do you offer as your marketing tool and how do you follow-up with potential clients?

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