How to Get Confident About Your Business

Since venturing out on my own as an entrepreneur these last 5 years, I have become my most confident, as well as least confident, self. 

Grow Your Business Self-Confidence!

Grow Your Business Self-Confidence!

I mean, it’s a fine line between feeling bat-poop crazy and feeling like I can rule a small country. 

The huge determinant between those two, vastly different states of being: my level of self-confidence on any particular day.

Self-doubt and lack of confidence affects ALL of us at some point in our lives. It’s the natural balance of things…no one can be 100% confident in everything they do or they would never grow and develop. And likewise, no one should be feeling 100% unconfident in themselves in everything they do or they would never grow and develop.

This is especially true when you’re in business for yourself. And, I might venture to add, when you’re in a heart-centered profession where YOU are your business.

So, how can we gently push our self-confidence into the limelight if it’s been a wallflower for a while?

Grow Your Business Self-Confidence in 1 Step

Take ACTION Against 1 Thing You Fear

Just one fear at a time. What is something on your business bucket list that you’ve wanted to check off for a while but you’ve been resisting for some reason?

I”ll give you a non-business example first: Running my first marathon. I was terrified of everything about it. Finding a group to train with. Introducing myself to a bunch of really fit runners (aliens to me at the time) and running with them twice a week. Running shoes. Running outfits. The training runs. The hills. The pain. The actual freaking race. 26.2 miles. The crowd at the race. What to eat the day before the race. What to eat the morning of the race. The thought of not getting enough sleep the night before.

The morning of, as I stood there among thousands of other REALLY PROFESSIONAL LOOKING runners, I felt my stomach drop, tumble, lurch and tumble again. These people were fit! Hardcore.

The moment the shot fired, we all sort of trotted amongst each other. 2 minutes after we passed the starting line, we started jogging a bit faster. Within 5 minutes, we were running, dodging and skipping over curbs. The marathon had started and my fear just evaporated. A year of worry and anxiety vanished within 5 minutes. Even when I had to hobble to first aid at Mile 8 to get my knee bandaged, I felt like an old pro. Bandage that sucker up, hurry quick and get me back into the race.

Some of my fears had come true: The pain and, in fact, an injury. The crowds. But I didn’t die. I didn’t get eaten alive by the other runners.

And when I crossed the finish line with my new boyfriend (now husband) cheering me on, I felt like a champion. And I was.

Now for a business example.  Take risks and conquer your fears

I struggled over what to call my entrepreneurial coaching business for a very. long. time. As in several years. My personal training business was Chicks in Motion and I wasn’t sure if I should call my business coaching a similar name, or stick with my own.

But I kept thinking: Would people think I was presumptuous to call my business after myself? I mean, I’m not Oprah, Marie Forleo, Gabrielle Bernstein or Danielle LaPorte.

So then I thought, who would this bother?

The answer: Only the imaginary people in my head!

If calling my business “Sophie Boselly” bothered people, they

(1) Weren’t any friend of mine,

(2) Weren’t my ideal client.

People who are looking for my special brand of services, and who love what I do, don’t care that I’ve titled my business after myself.  If Marie Forleo or Danielle LaPorte chose to name their businesses after themselves, why couldn’t I? I am not less than them.

REPEAT, for this bears repeating: I am not less than others.

So, with a little butterfly in my stomach, I did it. I named my new business coaching empire after myself.

That was about 1 year ago. Today, I feel quite normal and confident telling people that they can find me at

If you’re struggling with some aspect of your business, whether it’s putting a program out there, starting a business, naming your business, etc, consider the people you admire. Then tell yourself that you are not less than them.

What is something that you’re struggling with confidence-wise in your business? Please share below as I know you won’t be the only one!


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