How I Wrote 12 Blog Posts in 3 Days (Without Killing Myself)

In preparation for my time off once Bebe Boselly gets here, I’ve been scrambling like mad to get my business in order. My clients have all graciously accepted to not have any coaching calls with me until the end How I Wrote 12 Blogs in 2 Daysof June, but I am available to them via email at anytime. However, I don’t want to fall off the end of the planet when it comes to my newsletters and blogs. I haven’t written much in the last month because my brain has been so focused on baby prep (aka nesting), but I realize that this can’t go on. Plus, to be honest, my brain is CHOCK FULL of ideas that I absolutely need to write down. It’s almost as if this baby cooking in my belly has also given rise to an insane amount of business creativity cookin’ too!

I realized a few weeks ago that I needed to have at least 3 months worth of blogs written, and fast! After sitting down with my own amazing accountability partner, I came up with a plan on how to get 3 months of blogs (12 posts, 1 per week) written in 2 or so days. Here’s how I did it:

1. Come up with 12 interesting blog topics. If you’ve created an editorial calendar at the beginning of the year, you already know what your blogs are going to be. Hint: It may be easier to create a “blog series.” For example, since April is Tax Month for us Americans, write a series based on wealth, income or saving money in your business.

2. Schedule 3 or 4 blogs per day. I am personally very ambitious whenever I start new projects, so my accountability coach helped me see that writing 3 blogs a day is doable for my schedule, if not pushing it, and I could give myself the bonus goal of writing 4 blogs a day. If I only wrote 3, then I reached my main goal. If I wrote 4, well then! I could give myself a treat. (Although, I pretty much treat myself for anything, even if I don’t reach my goal. I just love to live life beautifully that way)!

3. I gave myself a day of rest between each day of writing. I suppose you could call this cheating. “But Sophie, it really took you 6 days to write 12 blogs”, I hear you saying. But I like to count it as 3 full days of working, with the days in-between writing spent on other areas of my business. It’s not like I’m getting a prenatal massage every other day.

By the way, having a day between writing is very important for clarity of thought. My brain gets fuzzy after writing all day, and I do need time for client work. It really helped with my creativity the next blog writing session.

4.  Keep yourself accountable to writing 3-4 blog posts a day. Try to keep them short. My goal was 350 words, but they been more in the 600-800s. Try a Tomato Timer. I love this online version and use it all the time: Do nothing else that day until you’ve written your set number of blogs.

5. It helps to think of the end goal. In my case, I would rather spend the next few months cuddling with my newborn (and catching up on sleep). My brain will be too foggy to write much. Maybe you have a vacation planned, or online class that you’re putting together. Or maybe you don’t have anything planned but would just love to have more free time for doing other things!

6. Do not edit your blogs as you write them. Save this for another day (you can probably edit all your blogs in 1 or 2 days). Then schedule another day for uploading and scheduling them on your website.

Do you batch your work tasks such as writing? What are your best tips for me? I figure I’ll have to do a lot of batching in the next year so I’d love to hear your take below!

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