How to Afford Luxury Items:

The Abundance Mindset in 7 Easy Steps

  Being 8 weeks away from meeting little Bébé Boselly, I am definitely in the nesting mode. (Nest: Go crazy cleaning the house, buying lots of homey-type things such as a new couch and bedspread, washing the carpet at 1 am like a madwoman and reorganizing the pantry down to the last kidney bean). You pretty much don’t need contractions to tell you the baby’s coming—the need to give the cat a bath speaks for itself.

False contractions (Braxton-Hicks) are overrated. When you feel the urgent need to give the cat a bath, that pretty much says Bébé is a-coming soon.

False contractions (Braxton-Hicks) are overrated. When you feel the urgent need to give the cat a bath, that pretty much says Bébé is a-coming soon.

In my quest to find all the necessary equipment for my firstborn, I got waylaid by…diaper bags. I’m pretty picky, you see, and every single diaper bag I’ve seen makes me want to run in the other direction. I’m not one for Pooh or bright pink geometrical nylon patterns. But then I ran into the Storksak bag.

Now, I’m pretty frugal, but this bag, I gotta have!


A couple of reasons:

1. I’m completely realistic that I will not have as much time to myself. I won’t be spending so much time getting ready in the morning putting on makeup, getting my hair did, etc. I’ll have a poopy, drooling (albeit totally adorable) baby to take care. So as another entrepreneurial friend told me, get whatever you need to help you feel pretty while you’re dealing with such a big life transition!

2. Storksak is well-known for being an ultra-organized carry-all system, being high quality, and conveniently straps onto your stroller.

3. DID YOU SEE THE BAG? Tots gorgeous. And it has enough room to carry my laptop–a blessing for Entrepreneur Mamas.

But here’s the catch: Getting ready for a new baby is expensive. We recently purchased a new car, new living room set, tons of organizational systems for the kitchen, crib, dresser, and lots of baby stuff. It was pretty hard justifying spending almost $400 on a bag.

This got me to thinking:

How can I practice an abundance mindset with this particular bag in a way that does not make me feel inauthentic, non-spiritual or wasteful?

I realized a few things:

— If I settled for an “ok” bag, I would not be happy. In fact, I would probably end up buying 2-5 mediocre bags in my quest for the perfect, lower-cost bag, and I’d end up spending way more than $350.

— A mediocre bag would most likely be of mediocre quality. A quality bag will last me a very long time.

–As a manifestation coach, I help my clients tap into a bigger way of thinking so they can live an abundant life on their terms. This doesn’t mean I tell them to go nuts and spend willy-nilly–however, I do believe that if you truly want something, you must ask the Universe (or God) for it. Then you must start creating some sort of action on your own towards getting it, all the while believing in your heart and soul that it will happen for you. Then, you simply expect it to happen.

I’ll tell you exactly what happened for me to afford this bag the VERY NEXT DAY. But first, let me give you the not-so-secret formula to having more abundance in your life–whatever it is that you choose to have–relationships, ideal clients, more money, more happiness or your ideal diaper bag.

How to Cultivate an Abundant Mindset so You Can

Have Anything You Want

1. Figure out what it is you TRULY want. Do NOT settle for a second-rate version.

Want to work with only your ideal clients? Then you absolutely must cut out the ones that make you unhappy, bargain you down or just don’t respect or appreciate your services. If you want to make more money in your business, figure out what you TRULY want to offer as a service or product. I guarantee that if you create a service that you dread doing, you won’t be making money for very long. People can sense inauthenticity and they will end up distrusting you. At the same time, you’ll be very unhappy in your business. This also applies to your career: If you are working at a job that makes you incredibly unhappy, you’ll never get promoted, you’ll probably dish out subpar work and most importantly, you’ll stay incredibly unhappy.

Now the fun part–Dream BIG! Feel free to let your imagination soar here. What would make you beyond excited (even if it seems impossible at this point)? Write a NYT Bestseller? Make $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 a month? Have loads of energy, feel divine in your skin, meet the love of your life and get married in a chateau in France? Go ahead and write all these dreams down. Create a vision board.

2. Consider your limiting beliefs around your desires.

Okay, so now that you’ve come up with a thousand-and-one things you’d love to have in your life, figure out why some part of you thinks they’re impossible. Why don’t you think you can make $10,000 a month? Why don’t you think you can leave your cushy but dreadful job? Why can’t you lose that weight and run a marathon?

Accept that you DO have limiting beliefs (otherwise you’d have these things or would be well onto getting them). These thoughts are your frenemies. They lull you into a false sense of comfort (because to actually go after your dreams takes a whole lot of DISCOMFORT) and they trap you into living a small, unfulfilled life.

3. Reinvent yourself.

You don’t need a whole new wardrobe, different hair color or new name. All you need to reinvent yourself are new thoughts. And this is as simple as just turning the old ones on their head and thinking the complete opposite. Instead of, “I can’t afford a $400 diaper bag,” I decided to think, “I can afford a new diaper bag if I sell x # of books, a new service offering, or find another client. It’s that simple.”

How can you turn your thoughts around?

4. Put it out there. Tell the Universe what it is that you want. This can be in meditation, praying, journaling or declaring your intentions on Facebook. Whatever works for you.

5. BELIEVE that the Universe is abundant and here to support you.

This is directly tied into your limiting thoughts. When you believe that you can’t have whatever it is you want in life, you are displacing trust in the Universe or God. You’re basically saying, “I don’t believe that you’re there to support me, I believe this Universe in unloving, etc.” What do you think that kind of mentality will get you? It will get you an unkind, unloving and unsupportive Universe! When you get out of bed on the wrong foot, haven’t you noticed that more bad things tend to snowball? When you’re incredibly happy, you can deal with “bad” things much easier. Whatever you project to the world in terms of your thoughts and energy are reflected back to you. So work on your limiting beliefs, how you speak to yourself, how you speak to others and what you believe is possible for you.

6. Act on it.

The best way to get what you want is to pretend you already have it. Pretend you’re working with a slew of awesome clients. You’ll project more confidence and enthusiasm about your work, which will attract your ideal clients. Pretend you’re already making $10,000 a month. You don’t need to buy a Porsche 911, but you can start acting that money is abundant in your life, dress your best everyday, buy higher quality toilet paper, etc. You get it.

When you pray, also move your feet. — African Proverb

7. Expect it.

That’s it. You’re doing the work, you trust the Universe and you’re thinking abundant thoughts. All you have to do now is expect it.

So here’s how I was able to afford my diaper bag the very next day I put my intentions out there:

I posted on Facebook that I really wanted this diaper bag but I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend $400 on it. But I also realized that if I settled for less, I’d be unhappy. I received a slew of comments giving me alternatives or telling me to splurge. I mentioned my favorite comment by far, which was by another entrepreneur who told me to do what made me feel beautiful (happy).

I also received a few comments and private messages telling me that splurging on a diaper bag was crazy, wasteful, and that after I have my baby, the bag won’t look cute anymore. As soon as I read those comments, it hit me: Those were MY limiting beliefs! I would be wasteful, crazy and the bag would be a messy mess of goo after a few weeks.

I thought about what it was that I wanted: a beautiful, organized system to help me stay sane while traveling with my baby. Something that would snap onto a stroller, carry a laptop and that my husband wouldn’t mind wearing from time to time. And something that fit with my personal brand (sorry, but backpacks aren’t it).

Then I considered ways to make it happen. I could make one extra coaching sale this month, sell 35 books, 2 Dream Building sessions or offer a completely new service. I also could sell a Gucci bag that I had laying around and never use. I recently cut out my gym membership since we have a gym in our home, and that would save me another $40 a month. Breastfeeding and cloth diapers are going to save me a few thousand a year. There were so many ways I could either make the money back or save money.

Then, I decided to just get the bag. I knew in my heart that if I don’t practice what I preach, I wouldn’t be setting a good example for my clients. Who coaches abundance but then acts in a very non-abundant way? I knew the Universe was there to help me and I decided to trust it.

That afternoon, I received a random check in the mail that I forgot was coming to me. It wasn’t much, but I immediately recognized it as a sign that more abundance was coming my way.

The Universe is always giving us signs of abundance.

The Universe is always giving us signs of abundance.

Then, at 9:30 am the VERY NEXT DAY, I received a call from the furniture store about a couch that I wanted to buy (Remember all that nesting bit)? Well, I had asked them earlier during the week if they’d consider price matching the couch to another that I found online. I didn’t really want to get the couch online because I wanted to give this local store my business, but heck, the online couch was $600 less expensive, with no sales tax and free shipping (which the local store did not offer). The sales lady immediately told me on the phone that they would honor this price match with zero tax, deliver it for free AND set it up in my home for free.

BAM! I saved $600–more than enough to get my luxury diaper bag.

I would LOVE to hear how you’ve been able to get something you deeply wanted because you simply switched your mindset about it. Share your story in the comments below!

If you’d like to change your thoughts and make more money in your business, stop feeling overwhelm and create a plan of action to make it all happen for you immediately, schedule your free consulting call with me here: I’d love the chance to get to know you, help you clear out some of those limiting beliefs and help you discover your Ooh La La Factor (TM).

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