Are you yearning for something more than whatever the hell it is you’re doing? You know, the 9-5 that gives you a paycheck but absolutely nada in the creative and passion departments?


Or you’re stuck in a dead-end relationship?

Or you feel fat, sloppy, untoned, lack energy and just blah?

You just wish you could freakin’ REINVENT yourself?

I have. I’ve felt that way almost my entire corporate job life. I was also stuck in a no-go relationship and I felt unattractive and totally lacked confidence in my skin.  I was frustrated and disappointed with myself, angry at my job, and above all, stressed because I could feel that better part of me just dying to break through.

Honestly, I knew I was meant for more, that I was better than this, but I had no freaking clue how to break out of my self-made cage. Most of all, I was scared as hell to even TRY to reinvent my life.

Do or Die

This is what I call the dire “do or die” situation. You probably won’t die physically, but your emotional, spiritual and mental spirit will die if you don’t trust your gut instinct and break out of your box.

Steven Pressfield hits the nail on the head in his book, Turning Pro. He writes: “…I could divide my life neatly into two parts: before turning pro and after. After is better.”

The idea of turning pro isn’t that you become a professional “whatever” overnight. That is, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, it doesn’t *boom* just happen overnight. Obviously, you have to work hard for several years. But the secret–and this, babydolls, is a great one– the secret of “turning pro” is that you just switch your mind. And that, my darlings, IS something you can do overnight.


Reinventing Yourself as a Professional

Turning professional, whether you’re an artist, writer, musician, photographer, designer, entrepreneur is as easy as DECIDING you will become a professional and acting accordingly.

Same goes for those of us who constantly set health and fitness goals such as losing weight, sculpting our arms, competing in a run or a bodybuilding event: reinventing yourself as a fitness professional is as simple as just deciding to be one.

When you decide to be a pro, you act that way.  Make today the day you stop telling yourself, “I’m not there yet…” Today, act as a professional artist, writer, musician, photographer, designer, entrepreneur and/or health guru. Who are the pros in your field? Act like you imagine they do in their everyday lives! Do you think Richard Branson wakes up at noon, browses Facebook for a few hours, runs out to the nearest fast food place and then just farts around? What do you think Oprah does in her 24 hours? Or Jillian Michaels?

“Reinvent Your Life” Action Steps:

1. Pick your reputation. Tip: You can “go pro” in more than one area. For example, a successful entrepreneur who also takes amazing care of her body.

2. Find at least 3 professionals in those categories.

3. Have they written books including autobiographies or blogs? Pick something from at least one person you admire and read it this week.

4. Find and commit to at least one action step that these professionals all do.

Now, comment below and tell me who are the professionals you most admire and what your first action step to reinventing yourself is.


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