Do you have the cojones to ask 30 people what your top 3 strengths are?

Or rather, do you has the confidence, sista? (Yup, you read that in my totally sassy voice)!

A few months ago, my mentor gave me a tough assignment:  Ask 30 people, “what are my top 3 strengths?” It was tough mud getting up the courage to ask clients and friends to, what I felt was, access my value, but it was an incredibly amazing experiment! I encourage you to do the same, via surveymonkey or some other type of anonymous survey system.

Despite a few outliers (my husband said I had a nice butt–no one else said that!), all the responses pretty much rang true with one another. But the one word that all 30 described me was CONFIDENT!

Who, Moi?

The subject of confidence is an irresistible one for me, and I’m always looking for ways to authentically raise my own levels. Sometimes I “fake it until I make it” but always with the underlying belief that I will make it.

But I was incredibly surprised that everyone rated me as a confident missy…was this a good or bad thing, I wondered? I mean, there IS a fine line between confident and cocky. So I asked people what “confidence” meant to them, and I heard:

“Doesn’t double-guess herself.”

“Is a great leader.”

“Inspirational” and “Motivational”

“Makes ME confident about myself!”

(I love that last one)!

It turns out that my mentor had asked hundreds of others to do this same exercise and I was one of the very few who actually followed through with the whole gamut!

And that, my darlings, is…

Confidence Tip Numero Uno:

Do the tough shit that most people will not do!

Why it gives you confidence: 

One of the major reasons people don’t do stuff they know would help launch them to success isn’t because they’re lazy, it’s because they’re too scared!

Listen, we all face scary stuff daily. Most of it is small (visiting a new coffee shop for the first time) and then some of it is downright pee-in-your-pants huge (speaking in front of a crowd of 5,000 executives).

But ask yourself: Will this experience kill me? Unless it’s swimming with a bloody steak around your neck in shark-infested waters, or something equally as unlikely, then no.

So do it, whatever IT is for you, despite your fear. Remember: fear and excitement feel exactly the same way. Tell yourself that you’re excited about this experience! You’ll grow and become a better person for it. When you do what others won’t, you’ll feel incredibly empowered.

What are you going to commit to doing? Is it running in your first 5k? How about running outside (yup, with all those peeps in their cars staring at you–or so you think!) What about taking a class that’ll take up most of your evenings (no more cocktails with the girlfriends)? How about asking 30 people to tell you what your top 3 strengths are? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, push, shove)

I would love to know what you will do to break free from the  pack mentality and boost your confidence! Please comment below and share with your friends.

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