You ever get the feeling that you’re just not getting through to anyone? That basic pathways of communication are just getting all criss-crossed? For example, you argue with your lover a bit more, you lose valuable info on your computer, your inbox eats an important email and your car tends to have trouble starting. They all seem to just happen at the same time, it seems.

Blame it on Mercury Retrograde, right?

What’s Mercury in Retrograde?

Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation and manual dexterity will, every so often, decide to travel backwards in the sky (go retrograde). People tend to notice a change in their karmic makeup (extroverts become more introverted, astrological signs ruled by Mercury (Gemini and Virgo) become grouchier, etc). There’s also a startling trend in the online business world of panicking over little ol’ Mercury’s slight maneuver.

 In 2013-2014, Mercury is in Retrograde from:

October 21st – November 10th, 2013
February 6th – February 28th, 2014
June 7th – July 1st, 2014
October 4th – October 25th, 2014

As entrepreneurs, what can we expect from Mercury in Retrograde?


Well, I’ve heard everything, from:

  • Back up your computer everyday
  • Don’t sign any contracts
  • Don’t start any new businesses
  • Don’t email your customers for anything!
  • Don’t write any blogs
  • Don’t travel
  • Don’t buy any big-ticket items

Now, while I see the value in backing up my computer everyday, the rest of the list seems a tad absurd.

Confession: I read my horoscope whenever I come across it but I don’t actively fish for it everyday. I was super excited to be told that my husband and I (both cusp Cancers) are the best possible match. I recently had my tarot cards read. I believe the full moon makes me a bit crazy.

However, I do not believe the hype that I, or anybody, should pause their life for 2-3 weeks while Mr Mercury decides to backtrack his steps.

Here’s the thing. When you believe something, it is bound to come true because you’ve trained your eyes to only see the one thing. Think of a tomato. Go ahead, really think about it. See the bright red color, and feel its cool, waxy, smooth skin. Smell its fresh scent. I see a steak tomato, big, juicy with grooves at the top and a small green stem.

Guess what happens now? You’re going to be more aware of that tomato! You’re going to see tomatoes throughout the day. You’ll see them in ads, on tv, in magazines, at the store, on cans. You’ll become more aware of them.

So, while I’m no student of astrology (just an occasional dabbler), I’m going to say the reason why you may be seeing more communication and transportation problems in your life during Mercury in Retrograde is because your mind is hyperactive on the subject!

You’ve been told it’s a bad time, to expect the worst, so you’ll start noticing the worst. Fear builds into your mindset. You, this confident, savvy, know-your-shit entrepreneur, becomes nervous, anxious and even scared of something that may or may not happen!

You may or may not get bitten by a shark in the ocean. Is that going to stop you from swimming in it?

You may or may not get a papercut thumbing through the latest, best-selling Seth Godin book. Is that going to stop you from picking it up?

See Success Leading Your Stars

If you decide to take control of the situation, and decide that fate is in your own hands and due to your own thoughts and actions, then baby doll, you’ve got MiR in control.


All that advice above, about backing up your files and not signing contracts is advice you should always be following! No, not signing contracts ever, but read your shit before you sign anything. Always back up your files. Save important emails in special folders. Do your due diligence before starting a new business, traveling or buying a big ticket item. Makes common sense, right?

What doesn’t make sense is stopping your life based on the unknown. Stop imagining failure. See success. When I see my biggest communication problems (things that would normally occur during MiR), they actually occurred during “stable” astrological times. I got lost driving in my own state in the middle of August and ended up in Georgia (I live in South Carolina). This happened in August. Stars were supposedly aligned just right. I lost a ton of files because my naive butt didn’t back them up properly (back in early June–not MiR time). Anytime something majorly bad has happened to my communication, car, etc…it was because I wasn’t paying attention. I caused the situation, the stars did not.

The Universe wants you to succeed. You have everything and anything you need if you only choose to look — properly. Open your eyes. See success. Visualize great things. Imagine the day according to how you want it to go. Stop imagining the worse. You’ll notice improvements. At the very least, you’ll gain a sense of hope and of awe for the Universe, not fear.

Of course, I could be kicking myself in the ass here, and get karmic payback for everything I said. But if MiR is real and bad shit is going to come my way anyway, I’d rather be optimistic and view it as something that will not affect me in a negative way. That’s how I choose to run my business and my life.

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