Caption Obvious here: Don’t let anyone’s limiting beliefs ever affect your growth. Easy and duh, right?

Well, let me ask you these questions…(putting on my PI hat here):

Have you ever hesitated to raise your hand and state an opposing opinion in a meeting or class?
Do you dance like no one’s watching when you’re in public?
Do you color within the lines in unfamiliar situations? Even familiar?

Well, wise guy, do you? (Smoking my figurative cigar as I question you)…

Most of us, most of the time, stay safe. We play the “I’m normal, just like you,” game.

I ask you, what is “normal”?

  • Is being the first Hispanic and one of the youngest Supreme Court Justices “normal”?
  • Is writing one of the world’s bestselling children’s series/movies while on welfare from a coffee shop every day “normal”?
  • Is eating to nourish your body and waking up at the crack of dawn to run 10 miles everyday as part of your competition training “normal”?

And yet, people do it everyday. Special people.

People like toi and moi!

Being yourself, essentially baring your naked soul to the world, is the new normal. At least, it’s the new normal for anyone who wants to stand out and make a success of herself in this world!

What Ain’t Normal…

You know what’s not normal? When someone tries to squash your dreams because they don’t make sense to them. And they try to fit you into their box of “normal.” But of course your dreams don’t make sense to them, because they are YOUR dreams, not theirs. Just as their idea of normal is THEIRS, not yours. See how absurd the situation is?

When I was first starting out, I told a writing teacher that I planned on creating a life coaching company called Sophie Boselly, International. My dream is to go international, you see, baby!

She wrote back, “You’re not making any sense! Are you a life coach or a corporation? You aren’t Brian Tracy.”

I was puzzled. What did “International” have anything to do with me not being, well, a life coach?

Why can’t I be like Brian Tracy (Brian Tracy International, by the way).

I dream big, baby!

I also wrote a book. Let me tell you how scary it is to put yourself out there, not just in a blog, but in a book! Even though its not an autobiography, it’s still a reflection of my thoughts. People are going to see what I’m all about! *shudder*

Oh wait, no, not *Shudder* but QUIVVER! I’m excited to reach out to people who agree with my philosophy on life. Those are my peeps! Not everyone’s going to love my book or even like it, but my people, the ones that I wrote this book for, will adore it. Because not everyone will like me, but a few will because I’m speaking their language. And I quivver with excitment realizing that my special brand of “normal” is someone else’s version of normal as well. And together, we make sense!

You want to make a difference in the world? You have to do more than dream big. You gotta act big. Which means getting out of that comfort zone, honey.

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To make a difference, you have to bare your naked, fleshy, vulnerable, intimate and sexy spirit to the world! —

Do that which others consider “not normal” and you’ll be the sparkling diamond in a room full of coal.

Are you afraid of not appearing “normal”? Shine your light, baby! Get out there and start speaking up for yourself, your dreams and your life!

Show yourself to me, baby! Tell me how you’re going to reveal yourself this week in the comments section below!

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