Have you ever noticed that when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, the rest of your day tends to go…downhill?


Likewise, when you wake up in great spirits, usually you see more and more good stuff coming your way? And even the bad stuff doesn’t affect you as badly as they normally would?


What if there was a way to make sure you started the day in great spirits, everyday?


There is! It’s called the amazing power of ritual.


Caveat: It takes work. Oftentimes, you won’t FEEL like doing a morning ritual. You’ll want to skip over it and just get your day started. This is a big no-no, doll. Commit to a small, morning ritual every single day. By small, I mean start with a 5 minute activity. Here are some ideas:


  • As soon as you wake up, just lay in bed and visualize how you’d like to feel by the end of the day. Not what you did during the day (that’s a by product), but how you want to feel when you lay your head down on your pillow at night? Accomplished? Satisfied? Exuberant? Lazy? Angry? Bored? Sad? (Probably not those last 4…so throughout the day, you’ll notice that you unconsciously choose the better choices that will raise your energy and make you feel wonderful by the end of the day).


  • Exercise first thing in the morning. This is my thing. The early morning is quiet, my family is usually still sleeping and I have my thoughts to myself. If I go to the gym, it’s not as crowded as it can be in the afternoon. My endorphins are raring to go and it’s an awesome way to start the day.


  • Express yourself. Journal.¬†Draw. Create to-do lists. Sit somewhere quiet with your coffee or tea, near a window and beautiful plant and just get your thoughts out on paper for 5-10 minutes. There’s no right way to do this. Some people create to-do lists, others write in stream-of-consciousness style and other people create visual collages. Do what works for you. I usually start off with stream-of-consciousness that ends up in to-do lists. That works for me.


  • Put that lipgloss on, girlfriend! This may not be everybody’s thing, but I love makeup. Since I work from home alone, I can easily fall into the trap of wearing yoga pants, have frizzy wet hair and just look like a trainwreck. And this makes me FEEL awful and unmotivated. When I take the time to do my hair and makeup after my morning workout, I feel accomplished and ready to take on the world. These are the days I’m ready to Skype or talk with anyone at a moment’s notice, I have more confidence in my writing and I even have more motivation when it comes to creating my online products. Plus it helps that I don’t look like a trainwreck when my husband gets home from work and we can just home on over to our favorite sushi bar for happy hour.


  • Pray, Meditate, Talk to a Coach. I usually get my praying/meditation in while I’m working out (funny how just so connected I feel with the Universe after a good sweat session). Many of my clients schedule their calls with me as early as 6 in the morning.


Do you currently have a morning ritual? Tell us what it is in the comments below! If you don’t, or you want to change, what will you commit to start doing?


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