How I Can Help You

Since working with Sophie, my mindset has made a 180. I feel extremely powerful + confident. But the proof is in the pudding–I’ve been able to create a thriving business and a solid name for myself in the coaching world, where I have been published in multiple journals–thanks to Sophie’s actionable insights. She is simply amazing–I cannot recommend her highly enough! 

Martina Weiss, Self-Love Coach

Before working with Sophie, I had admired her from afar for her brand presence, the joy she infuses into her business, and her upbeat personality. When I finally got the chance to work with her closely, I learned how keen is her eye, wise is her advice, and focused is her work. With Sophie’s help I was able to make key changes to my website, streamline my administrative systems, refine my brand, more clearly define my programs, and connect with a great Virtual Assistant to make my work hours more manageable. My time and dollars with Sophie were very well spent and I can, would, and do recommend her with full confidence.

Carla Golden, CarlaGoldenWellness

Coaching with Sophie brought on this huge epiphany and our first call largely set all of this in motion. She highlighted things which I was too blind to see and she did it in such a caring and loving way. Sophie helped me plan out my entire year, including 3 holidays and 12 work trips, massages, facials, yoga, webinars, Google Hangouts, masterclasses, down to the day. I have seen  a massive change in my relationship with my husband. I’ve figured out a way to make 400k in my business this year (and I’m doing it)! And best of all, I feel totally different about myself. I can truly say I love myself.

Bianca Board, CEO, Web123Partners

Working with Sophie was fabulous–she has the ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly. For the first time ever, I have a plan for my business and my life. Sophie was able to hone in on the part of my life that needed the most TLC & I’m KNOW addressing that area will benefit all others! I definitely recommend Sophie’s services–I think that everyone can benefit from having a Dream Building Blueprint. It’s kind of like a business plan but it’s so much more in-depth and focuses on your entire life and being.

Dawn Falcone, CEO,

Angela FergusonroundedSeriously, I can’t thank you enough for all your support + dedication! I am so inspired + motivated after every coaching session. Since working with you, I have a definite plan to get my mind, body and career on track and I’ve seen leaps in my transformation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Angela Warner, Senior Recruiter