Work With Sophie

I believe in living your most scrumptious, irresistibly ardent life.

I believe that wellness is a combination of the mental and physical.

I believe that everybody has a divine gift to share with others, that we are all independent leaders within our own little worlds, and that we have the right and the freedom to pursue a business that calls to our hearts.

I believe that we can change the world while living well, making money and pursuing our bliss.

Let me help you create your most irresistible life and business!

Light Your Fire Single Coaching Session

:: You don’t want to commit to a full coaching package or you want last-minute coaching whenever you feel like it. I’m on standby for you! Whether it’s to explore a particular goal you’ve been working on, help you create thoughts and behaviors that align with your vision of success or help you get unstuck and back to living your best life, I offer 2 options:


30 minute Skype or phone call: $85

60 minute Skype or phone call: $150


From Dream to Reality Package :: 3 Months Coaching

:: You want to get your dreams out of your head and into reality. That takes guts. It takes ambition. And it takes focus. But you want to have the space to explore, decide, change then decide again before taking those awesome next steps, and you want an accountability partner who will stand by your side, help you get unstuck and back on track to living your best year, and cheer you along the way. Together, we’ll look at your goals and dreams to:

  • Create the thoughts and beliefs that align with your goals and dreams
  • Dissolve unhelpful programmed beliefs
  • Keep you accountable to your monthly goals
  • Apply “tailored to you” strategies to increase your effectiveness, motivation and resilience
  • Address boundaries, self-care and bliss to maximize your wellbeing on your way to success

Package includes:

  • 2 x 1 hour Skype/phone coaching sessions per month
  • Follow up summary/action plan of each session (a smaller version of the blueprint)!
  • Tools tailored to your personal and professional goals
  • 2 email conversations/month
  • BONUS: Emergency 30 minute session anytime during the 3 months


Dream Year Quarterly Buffing Session

(Only for Dream Buildin’ Blueprint Clients)

:: You don’t want to fall off the goals bandwagon now that you’ve started, or you want to brainstorm some ideas and solutions. Once a quarter, we review your quarterly accomplishments and access what goals you still need help with. In addition, you get 2 email conversations (anything you want to discuss) per month. I also send you a clarity action plan to help you get moving and stay accountable after each quarterly call.

Package includes:

  • 4 x 1 hour Skype/phone coaching sessions per year (1 per quarter)
  • Follow up action plan (mini-blueprint)
  • 1 email conversation/month


Please fill out the contact form below with your information and I’ll get back to you within 1 business day.